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Relax knowing this time is different. A web design with "SEO first" in mind.  We'll lead you through questions you know to ask (& the ones you don't). An affordable solution engineered for businesses success.


  • 100% SEO First with Custom Alerts, Reports
  • 98.5% Retention Rate
  • 60+ Five Star Reviews
  • Award Winning In-House Beautiful Design's
  • Traffic Increase with the Right Traffic
  • 100% Full In-House Web Support
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Beautiful. Powerful. Affordable.

Great websites don't just end at great design. They must persuade people AND persuade machines (algorithms). The results are still beautiful.

Design. Powerful SEO. Hosting. Ongoing Support.. What is a Page-One Website?

A Page-One website is simply a custom local business WordPress website that is created to grow with your business. IT will help you outrank your competitors and convert your hard-earned visitors to your goals. We have NO large upfront costs -- we simply build them at a low monthly rate. Built into that monthly cost is FREE monthly web support to make any changes to your site (usually in less than 24 hours), keep the site secure, update plugins, hosting...etc. So you can keep your site sharp and up to date at all times. To help measure performance, we add Google Analytics, and Internet rank tracking, AND now have call tracking available for all of our websites. Lastly is we research Keywords you should care about most (based on your business) and begin optimizing to those keywords BEFORE we go live with your redesign or your new development so you can clearly see the performance of the website on Google/Yahoo/Bing at all times.

What does it cost to get started?

Page-One Websites are all priced at a low monthly cost ranging from $749 per month.  Your first-month cost is, literally, just your first month with no “Startup Fee” or one-time cost.  We do have add-on options, like branding, extra pages, or a Social media build-out that can be rolled into your monthly cost or one time. A scalable website without the large costs, with complete support, SEO and ongoing SEO reporting.

How fast can you build them?

Our typical timeline is around 60-90 days. If content and media are created/sent quickly, this timeline can be accelerated.  

What makes them so special?

Our sites are special because we prioritize YOU. Not because they are over engineered that you’ll be a prisoner to. Valuing lead performance, SEO performance, AND design appeal in a low-cost website solution may seem like something that “every website developer does,” – it isn’t. Even fewer would build in a clear before and after snapshot (rankings, traffic, leads) so we can all see the impacts. Add in that we’ve done it with not upfront costs, with Free support and you see why a CFM website becomes truly special.


Ok, but does Page-One really happen often...

In a word, Yes.
Page-One, happens all the time.

HOW IT WORKS Planning and Process

We have a dedicated approach to your businesses ROI.  Beautiful websites and #1 ranks on google are simply performance indicators on the way to revenue for your business

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Some Website Features

  • Live in 60-90 Days
  • No Upfront Web Costs - WOW
  • SEO Built-In Pro Design
  • FREE Monthly Support In-House
  • Lighting Fast & Secure Hosting
  • Professional Design
  • Built to Convert Leads - (CRO)
  • Daily Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Google Analytics Installed
  • Keyword Research
  • GMB Management Included
  • Scalable and Flexible

Helping everyday businesses achieve 3x - 20x returns on their local marketing investment.

Combining powerful solutions:

  • High Converting Website Design
  • Effective SEO Services
  • A/B Tested PPC Campaigns
  • Reliable Tracking Dashboards
  • Social Media Marketing

Our Promise

Page-One websites are local business WordPress websites that combine beautiful website design with Search Engine Optimization and long-term support. This results in websites that look amazing, ranking highly on search engines like Google and Bing, and make it enjoyable to keep up to date and secure!

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